What To Do if You Have a Leaking Pond

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One of the most common issues that can pop up with your backyard pond is a leak. If you have a leaking pond, don’t panic. There are a few key steps to take to get your pond back in good condition.

What To Do if You Have a Leaking Pond

The first thing to do with a leaking pond is to make sure there really is a leak. It’s normal for your pond to lose a few inches of height over the course of a week, so if this is the case, you’re likely just seeing evaporation at work rather than dealing with a leak. However, if your pond’s level has suddenly dropped several inches overnight, a leak is likely the culprit, as evaporation doesn’t decrease your pond’s water level that severely and that quickly.

Next, you can try to determine the location of the leak. You can do this by adjusting the rocks around the pond and moving them out of the way to see if there is a hole or tear in the pond liner and locate your leak.

Of course, the best thing to do with a leaking pond is reach out to your local pond experts. Sometimes, a leaking pond can be taken care of by moving rocks around or pushing more soil under the pond liner. However, there are also times where it’s better to reach out to the people who you know can perform any pond repair jobs or can better diagnose and solve the problem of your pond leaking. If you’re concerned about shrinking water levels in your pond, call us here at EcoEarthSeal. We’ll happily take a look at your pond and do what needs to be done to restore its water level, so don’t hesitate to reach out.