Top Signs You Need Pond Restoration Services

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A healthy pond will bring you many benefits, but an unhealthy pond can become more of an eyesore and headache. If you’ve recently moved somewhere with a pond that hasn’t been taken care of or your pond is simply looking a little rough after a long time of neglect, you may need pond restoration services.

Top Signs You Need Pond Restoration Services

Here are some of the top signs that you need a pond restoration.

  • Algae growth. Too much algae growth can threaten any aquatic life in your pond because of how it affects the pond’s oxygen levels. Mosquitos are attracted to the resulting unclean water, which can be a big problem on your property.
  • Dead fish. If your pond is a home for fish, one clear sign that you need pond restoration services is dead fish. Dead or dying fish is usually a result of a lack of oxygen in your pond, but there can also be other problems that you may not be aware of.
  • No wildlife. A healthy pond attracts frogs, birds, and other wildlife. If your pond is no longer bringing wildlife, there’s likely something wrong that’s deterring animals from visiting it.
  • Dead or dying plants. Thriving plant life is essential to the pond’s overall wellbeing, so if the plants in and around your pond are struggling to stay alive, pond restoration services may be necessary to save the ecosystem.

Our pond restoration services here at EcoEarthSeal are sure to help get your pond healthy again, so if you’ve noticed any of these signs, reach out to us today.