Top 3 Benefits of Rainwater Collection Tanks [Infographic]

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When utilized, rainwater collection can help everyone from homeowners to small business owners. This eco-friendly practice is especially beneficial to farmers or ranchers like you, who must use lots of water on a daily basis to grow crops or keep animals healthy. There are many benefits to using rainwater collection tanks as part of your water conservation efforts, but here are the top 3 benefits you should consider:

  • Reduce Runoff- Stormwater runoff is notoriously bad for the environment because it pollutes water in streams, rivers, lakes, and the ocean. It is one of the largest threats to clean water in the U.S. However, rainwater collection tanks help to reduce stormwater runoff, meaning you can help keep pesticides, fertilizers, and sediment out of our water sources.

Top 3 Benefits of Rainwater Collection Tanks

  • Wash and Water Livestock- Livestock accounts for a massive portion of the country’s and the world’s freshwater footprints. Although you can’t change how much water each animal needs, you can reduce their environmental impact by using rainwater collection tanks to wash and water your livestock, when possible.
  • Save Money- Water is expensive in general, but it’s even more expensive for you since your farm or ranch requires a lot of it. However, rainwater is free. Using rainwater collection tanks for crops, livestock, and other purposes can help you reduce your expenditures notably.

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