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One method to resolve a leaking pond is with sodium bentonite.

A leaking pond is about as useful as a boat with a hole in it. Even a small leak is going to result in a dry pond before long and that will spell the end of your fish and anything else that depends on the water. The good news is that, in almost every case, a leaking pond can be resolved, although this sometimes means constructing a new pond in a more conducive area. At EcoEarthSeal, we have various methods we can utilize to resolve a leaking pond, but if they do not prove successful, we can help you learn where a pond would do better on your Mason, Texas property.

Leaking Pond in Mason, Texas

One method to resolve a leaking pond is with sodium bentonite, one of the latest sealant products on the market that we have found to be quite effective. Ideally, this product is applied to the bottom of the pond during its construction, but it can also be done by draining the pond and allowing it to dry before applying it. Sodium bentonite is non-toxic, so it is safe to have around your livestock, aquatic life, and your family. We utilize top-quality sodium bentonite products that have been provided by a company that follows stringent quality control measures and are certified by NSF International and tested by independent laboratories.

If you suspect that you have a leaking pond and would like to have it evaluated, reach out to us today. We provide pond services throughout the state, including performing both pond construction and pond restoration services.

At EcoEarthSeal, we fix leaking ponds in Mason, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, and Fort Worth, Texas.