Koi Pond, Austin, TX

A koi pond is the perfect addition to any residential or commercial property.

Koi is a fish species that descends from the carp and has a long history. In the 1800s, Chinese farmers caught koi living in rice paddies. Over the years, the practice spread to other parts of the continent, including Japan. Today, koi are best known for their ties to Japanese culture, where they’re believed to bring fortune and good luck. They come in a range of colors and sizes, although the changes in shades occurred over time. Hundreds of years ago, koi only featured black, white, red, and blue on their bodies, but they now are quite colorful.

Koi Pond in Austin, Texas

Although it took a lot of time for this fish species to move outside of Asia, many people keep them on their properties across the globe. Having a koi pond at your home or business can be highly beneficial, especially if you believe that the fish bring fortune and luck. Since these fish can grow to be quite large in size, they can’t live in traditional fish tanks or other indoor enclosures in most cases. But a koi pond is the perfect addition to any residential or commercial property. Koi can thrive in a properly constructed pond that provides plenty of space for them to swim around.

Our team at EcoEarthSeal can construct koi ponds for clients in Austin, Texas, and across the entire state. We have more than 30 years of experience in the industry, with a focus on water conservation and preservation. When building a koi pond or any other water feature, we take the time to choose the ideal location for long-lasting results.

At EcoEarthSeal, we build koi ponds in Mason, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, and Fort Worth, Texas.