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While EcoEarthSeal offers exceptional pond sealing capabilities, ensuring proper application is crucial for optimal results. Simply purchasing EcoEarthSeal won’t suffice if it’s not applied correctly. At EcoEarthSeal, our knowledgeable staff possesses the expertise to provide tailored guidance on how to maximize the effectiveness of our product.

If you’re seeking detailed instructions on how to apply EcoEarthSeal correctly, you’ve come to the right place. Take a look at our application guide below. For personalized advice, feel free to reach out to us directly at (325) 805-1098 or request a quote online through our form.

The team at EcoEarthSeal eagerly awaits the opportunity to assist you in achieving your pond sealing goals.

Application Guide
Applying EcoEarthSeal

Several methods can be employed to apply EcoEarthSeal effectively:


Mixing EcoEarthSeal with Native Soil

This method involves blending EcoEarthSeal with the soil at the base of the pond to reduce permeability and prevent leakage. Soil analysis is crucial to determine the required amount of EcoEarthSeal, typically ranging from 5 to 10% of the soil’s weight.


The Blanket Method

In this approach, EcoEarthSeal is spread across the pond bed to form a blanket layer, typically 1 to 4 inches thick. The layer is then covered with a protective soil layer, followed by moisture addition and proper compaction of the pond bed.


The Sprinkling Method

When draining and drying the pond isn’t feasible, EcoEarthSeal can be sprinkled onto the water surface above suspected leak areas. While this method may not always result in a perfect seal, it can effectively address leaks at the pond’s bottom.

Integrating EcoEarthSeal During Construction

Incorporating EcoEarthSeal during the pond construction phase significantly enhances the sealing process’s success rate. This typically involves a series of steps:


Drain and Dry the Pond:

Ensure the pond is fully drained and dried before commencing construction.


Spread and Mix EcoEarthSeal:

Spread EcoEarthSeal over the dry soil at the specified application rate and mix thoroughly to achieve a uniform combination.


Hydrate and Compact:

Hydrate the soil to the optimum moisture content and compact it to reduce voids and flatten clay particles. It’s essential to maintain the compaction process in manageable layers of no more than 6 inches at a time.

Having an experienced on-site supervisor overseeing each phase is crucial, as soil conditions may vary, requiring adjustments in application and compaction techniques. Their expertise ensures that EcoEarthSeal is applied effectively, minimizing the risk of imperfections that could compromise the pond’s integrity.

For comprehensive guidance on applying EcoEarthSeal to your specific location, don’t hesitate to contact us online or by phone at (325) 805-1098. As a trusted supplier of EcoEarthSeal, serving clients across Texas and beyond, we’re committed to providing the information and support you need for successful pond sealing endeavors.

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