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So you have a pond or dirt tank that is leaking.You are wondering what you can use to seal it.

First, it needs to be determined what type of soil you have. If you think you have clay, and you think it should be holding water and it does not, you may have a high calcium clay.

Eco Earth Seal will make it hold water.

If you have a pond that the soil has a high gravel and/or sand content it may need to be lined with a locally accessed clay. Transportation cost to your location being the biggest concern.

There are many types of clay. Some will hold water and others will not. For clay soils that will not hold water, Eco Earth Seal is the answer. There is no need to haul in Bentonite clay, when you already have soils containing clay. It typically takes 4 truckloads of Bentonite to seal a 1 acre pond. That is about 45,000 lbs. per truckload. Eco Earth Seal can accomplish the same results using less than ½ a truckload of material and at a lower cost. Installing Eco Earth Seal requires less time to install versus 4 truckloads of Bentonite saving labor costs and material costs.

Bentonite material cost is running around $18,000.00 an acre depending on distance from where it is mined. Eco Earth Seal can save thousands when compared with Bentonite.

The key to sealing ponds is knowing the soils the pond is constructed of.

When building a pond it is important when finding a clay material,  to stockpile that material so that it can be used to line the pond after completion of excavation of the pond.

We offer consulting services, training, and  installation anywhere.

We are looking for installers to train to install Eco Earth Seal. In many instances we can train landowners to install themselves providing they have adequate equipment to install the material. In many instances we can guarantee a pond to hold water after treatment.

Eco Earth Seal is non toxic.

Equipment needed can be just a skidsteer, a tiller, a roller and a standard flow hydraulic spreader. The spreader is a type that is configured for a skidsteer, we make these and one is available for rent or purchase.

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