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Our company’s biggest concentration is on water conservation and water features.

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Texas may be known most for its wide-open spaces, but in recent years, it has become known by locals as a place where we must focus on water conservation and preservation. At EcoEarthSeal, our company is headquartered in Mason, Texas, but we service the entire state and the neighboring states with a state-of-the-art product that helps conserve water and improve the land. If you have a pond or dirt tank that is leaking, EcoEarthSeal can seal it with a special type of clay.

Our company’s biggest concentration is on water conservation and water features, including pond construction, and rainwater collection tanks.

Water Conservation

Water Conservation

Turn to us for all your water conservation needs, including rainwater collection tanks and water pump installation.

Pond Construction

Pond Construction

We offer backyard pond and garden pond installation services.

Conservation and Preservation Services You’ll Love!

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Our owner has over 30 years of experience with water conservation and preservation.


We are a solution-oriented company that takes the time to fully assess your situation and provide the most effective solution for long‑term results.

Soil Knowledge

Nobody knows Texas soils like we do! If we don’t think the soil will hold, we will talk to you about picking an alternative site.

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We own our own equipment, which means we can control costs and quality. This ensures that we can achieve your complete satisfaction. It is our job to come to you and give you honest answers about the best solutions for your water conservation and storage needs. Reach out today to learn more about EcoEarthSeal.